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Few things about Anuvadak

Hey ,

I know Anuvadak hasn't been updated since v1.1.1 . Last year in December I have had a baby girl and life is busy since then . Also my new job is keeping me very busy to take out time to work on Anuvadak.

But that being said I will be working on the next version very soon ( Actually v2.1 is already out ( since last week) to few beta users and they are reporting me bugs and features on a regular basis. Don't get your hopes too high as there is lots of unfinished code and work for v2.1 and it will take some time ( I don't know how much so please don't ask ;) )

On Windows Phone 7 version : I will be releasing the WinMo version first and then WinPho7 version .

Something about v2.1

  • It is just not a translator anymore. It also packs complete dictionary (offline) for commonly used phrases in over 5 languages.
  • You can save the translations for offline access
  • Translate your SMS to whatever langauge you want
  • Speech to text ( Only windows phone 7 version )

But before I release the new version I need to clear few things

Anuvadak 1.1 , Anuvadak 1.1.1 and all the future releases is/will be developed for post 2009 windows mobile devices and windows phone 7 .The above mentioned versions need a font file to placed in phone memory to display few language characters. Old devices with limited storage space is unable to do that. So if your device does not have enough phone memory, please do not download Anuvadak. You can download Anuvadak v1.0 as it does not need any font file.

Anuvadak is no longer free and I understand that it might have few bugs ( which will be rectified in v2.1) . I need to cover my development cost and it gives me an incentive to keep on working on it. Windows phone 7 version will available through Windows Phone Marketplace but Windows mobile version will be sold from this site.

Anuvadak 1.1 and Anuvadak 1.1.1 will be $0.99 CAD

Anuvadak 1.0 will be free

But I guarantee that the cost is worth the product and its features.

I hope this change does not discourage people to download Anuvadak and I am sure after over 40000 downloads people are aware how efficient Anuvadak works

Thanks and cheers



[Minor Release] Anuvadak 1.1.1

Anuvadak 1.1.1 is discontinued. Please download Anuvadak 1.1 to error free operations


Windows Phone 7 transparent wallpapers

Hello People ,

Getting a hint to create transparent wallpapers for WP7 devices (here ) I created such a wallpaper too ..
This is a completely transparent wallpaper to give you a full behind the scenes look ... ;)
hope you like it ...

Right click save it on your computer and send them to your email ( account set up on your phone ).. download them and then from the options use them as your wallpaper..

It will not work if you save the picture and then use it as wallpaper. It has to set wallpaper from email application. - Thanks Chimpsafari

It looks awesome on my samsung focus ... ( with black theme )


Source for background : mobinations.com


Anuvadak 1.1 on Windows Phone 7

Hey guys,

Check out Anuvadak on Windows Phone 7 . I developed this in under an hour. This is yet not complete but It will have all the features of Anuvadak 1.1 on Win 6.5 .

I will be releasing the Anuvadak v 1.1.1 for windows 6.5 very soon with some updates... :)


[Release] Anuvadak 1.1


Hello Friends,

So here it is , the all new Anuvadak 1.1. I was thinking to mark it as Anuvadak 1.0.1 but it has developed so much that it deserves a new version number.

The new version packs in some real good features and above all : a solution to display ~all languages. No more boxes for Arabic, Persian, Hebrew , Hindi, Chinese or Japanese. There is workaround for this which I will explain later in the post.

Changelog Anuvadak 1.1

+ Added QVGA, WQVGA and HVGA support
+ Improved Instant translation but still in alpha
+ Added paste support with a dedicated paste button. No more long press to select paste option
+ Added dictionary items with translation

  • Nouns
  • Pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Interjection
  • Conjunction
  • Verb
  • Adverb
  • Abbreviation

+ Added check for update option
+ Added user-selectable option to show number of items in history - This is major memory improvement. Devices with low memory choose less than 5 items
+ Added support for saving a language pair as favorite or save it as default
+ Added support to show all indic and asian languages. Shown in the video
The last enhancement was difficult to add but it happened.

There is a trick to it.
Anuvadak now uses Arial Unicode MS font to show all languages. Unfortunately, I cannot pack the font with the application as it would be illegal. Also, the font file is around 28 MB. But we have a solution :)
The font is packed with all the versions of Microsoft office 2007 onwards. It is located in Windows> Fonts directory by name Arial Unicode MS. Download the font from the windows (pc) directory and copy it your windows phone > Windows > Fonts directory. Install the app and bingo!! all languages show up now :D

For people who don't have access to Arial Font, I am attaching a another unicode font (free). Download that font and repeat the copying instructions as above and it should show up nicely. One thing to remember, when using the alternate font remember to change settings from the application menu to choose Bitstream cyberbit.

The drawback of using this (Bitstream cyberbit) font is that it doesn't show every character in every language. Some characters from Arabic, persian and chinese are missing. Hindi is completely missing.

If anybody has any problem, let me know and I will try to help you as much as I can.

Here are some screen shots of the new version

At last I am attaching a video showing the new features of Anuvadak 1.1


Also I would like to thank everybody for their suggestions and specially to the beta testers for testing Anuvadak 1.1

At last a very sincere thanks to people who have donated to Anuvadak

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